“every one who’s hurting right now, God writes the stories, and if you just continue to trust in Him. He makes you better because of what you went through.”

Danny Gokey said before he sang:  “This is a song that I just want to dedicate to every one in the Houston Area… TO ALSO EVERY ONE WHO’S HURTING RIGHT NOW.  GOD WRITES THE STORIES, AND IF YOU JUST CONTINUE TO TRUST IN HIM, HE MAKES YOU BETTER BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU WENT THROUGH… And, Houston, you’re going to be better.  You’re going to be stronger because of what you went through.”

“Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” sung by Danny Gokey.  Audio taken from the LIVE broadcast (August 31, 2017) of Together for Texas Facebook LIVE Concert Event aiding those affected by Hurricane Harvey hosted by Natalie Grant.

We met Danny Gokey when he performed at the FREE outdoor concert; the first 91.9 WGTS Summer Concert last year, July 7, 2017 at the Plaza at Tysons Corner Center. It was the Lord’s will for my children and me to meet Danny Gokey in the Tysons Corner Center parking garage. He was parked nearby us, and he walked passed by our van. He and my youngest son made friends and would smile at each other during the concert. We were one of the last people to meet and greet Danny Gokey after the concert. We could see that he looked sad/grieved (his wife was expecting their 3rd child and had had premature labor earlier that day; [In 2008, Danny Gokey lost his wife when she died from complications during her third surgery to treat her congenital heart disease]) so we blessed him in song and sang “That at the Name of Jesus” Philippians 2:10 to him. We asked Danny Gokey to exhort us in the Word, and he wrote down a Scripture reference.